The studio offers…


Studio Floor Size:  270 sqm Facilities

Green Screen infinity curve:  8m wide x 3.5m high

Distance from floor to lighting grid:  4.5m

Spacious Control Room / Audio / CAR:  60 sqm

Attenuated aircon and soundproofing

Backup 100 kva generator in case of power failure / load shedding

Production Office & Meeting Room

VIP and Green Room lounge areas

Make up / Wardrobe Room

Kitchen and dining area

Wheelchair accessible



Permanent  24/7 fibre uplink via Globecast




3 x Panasonic AG-HPX600 HD cameras with full CCU

1 x remote control Panasonic  AW-HE 120 camera

Desisti Cold Lighting

Ross Carbonite 2ME vision mixer with 2 CRK & 4 DVE

Ross XPression 3D live graphics system

Ross Black Storm 2 channel video playout server

Black Magic Hyperdeck multi-format HD recorder

6 Line Hybrid for live phone calls, IFB and coord lines

Kroma Telekom System for communications


16 Sennheiser radio mics (10 Sennheiser EW100 lapels, 6 handheld)

Allen & Heath GLD80 Digital Audio Mixing console

10 Sennheiser MKE 2-EW-3-Gold lapel mics

7 x in-ear monitoring sets for IFB



Our studio  is equipped  to do live crossings for news, sports and arts.

Using  our green  screen  chroma  key we are able to select various iconic Cape Town backdrops (day or night) or a custom background that clients can supply.

Our fibre uplink is available 24/7.


Click here for a walk-thru video clip of the studio and more.